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This is my window to the world to share my stories.
To begin with that I am born and bred in Samarkand on top of the mountains in the village called Aksay. It is a small village where everyone speaks Tajik which is syrrillic version of Farsi. Now I live in England with my son Jacob.
To Welcome you to my blog and show you my Tajik hospitality I want to tell you a story from my village.
''In one summer day the villagers were going about their day when a news came that a bunch of armed men were riding in their horses and coming towards the village. They all got scared as it meant death for the men of the village if they didn't give the virgin girls and food to these men. So the villagers gathered 40 virgins and sent them off to the mountains to hide. The girls run and run all the way to the top of the mountaions and saw the armed soldiers behind them so they began to cry. When out of nowhere the mountain opened  40 caves, the girls run in and they shut behind them. And the girls were saved from these men with bad intentions''
Well this is the myth old people tell in village Aksay pointing at the 40 caves which is very visible on top of the mountains from my Granparents balcony. :) The caves are called ''CHIL DUHTARAKON'' meaning ''FORTY GIRLIES''
I dream of going there again one day and take wonderful pictures for you.  
For now you can read my posts
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