Hello there I am your ultimate Tajik Wonder Woman.
My name is Gulnoza Nazarova, I am from Samarkand residing in the UK with my son Jacob.
I am a BEAUTY and FASHION addict and like to blog about beauty for all budgets, with some fashion and lifestyle... but for me it's a hobby; some people like TV series Memorabilia, some people collect stamps, my thing just happens to be clothes and makeup :) 
Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by Hollywood Glamour, Indian Love, English Feminism and French Attitude.
I always wondered what would it take to have all that in me....... Being born in a small village on top of a mountain in Samarkand wasn't to my advantage either unfortunately! Now I live in the UK, traveled so far I must be exhausted?!
 I have come a long way and have a long way to go.
Very often I get inspired by my past. I Remember  clearly how closely I used to watch those Independent, Beutiful and Strong women make their way in life on TV, like LOREAL PARIS GIRLS, love the  BECAUSE WE ARE WORTH IT quote they always repeat.  By trying to live upto my childhood dreams and expectations of my ability to live that kind of lifestyle makes me feel at HOME, as though I never left my childhood.
This is my blog about Personal development and share with you along the way
Anyway WELCOME  to my blog lets get cracking
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